We are a team specialized in Cybersecurity and in constant development of innovative solutions. All our services are carried out by skilled pentesters and researchers, which are certified by leading entities in cybersecurity certification programs. We rely on the good practices as OSSTMM, OWASP and SANS Institute, in order to guarantee the quality of our services. Our principal clients are located in United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, México, Ecuador and Singapore.

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Live Inspector. Our Persistent Penetration Testing solution.

Our goal

Unlike most of the services of vulnerability analysis and intrusion (Ethical Hacking) and the large number of vulnerability analysis tools that exist in the market, with Live Inspector we propose an integral and long lasting service. Our wide variety of vulnerability analysis tools and our specialized team will manually analyze your assets, in order to obtain results that no other tool offers, and to reduce the presence of false positives.


All the vulnerabilities detected by our team will be visible through our innovative platform. Similarly, you will have all the necessary information to advance with the remediation of each vulnerability, and the condition of each one. Likewise, you can ask our team to re-analyze specific vulnerabilities, to make sure that your changes have been made correctly.


The conventional services to analyze vulnerabilities and intrusion (Ethical Hacking) have a very short length of work. The assigned time is not enough to detect 99% of the faults that a company system could have. Additionally, they need to be rehired for each significant change that occurs. With Live Inspector, the service of vulnerability analysis and intrusion (Ethical Hacking) is constant. Your company will be kept informed of vulnerabilities and will have our detection service for 1 year.


Comply with PCI requirement 11.3 regarding external intrusion tests on an annual basis or after significant changes. Our team can also help you achieve the 11.2 requirement, regarding ASV scans, by performing this type of testing through an authorized PCI partner, who will perform the official PCI vulnerability analysis. With the help of Live Inspector, you can easily achieve these commitments.

About the process

¿How it works?

PCI Compliance

External Penetration Test

Defects in web browsers, web servers, email clients, POS software, operating systems, and server interfaces can allow attackers to gain access to an critical environment.

This cyber security assessment is requiered in order to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 3.2. Our penetration testing report comply with QSA's requirements, which includes:

* A clear and concise description of the type of test performed.

* Identification of the systems/applications within the scope of the assessment.

* An executive summary covering the key assessment findings and high-level recommendations.

* A detailed description of all issues discovered, including how and where the issues were found, the associated risks and recommendations for remediation.

ASV Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan is an automated, high-level test that looks for and reports potential vulnerabilities. All external IPs and domains exposed in the CDE are required to be scanned by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) at least quarterly. This test satisfy this requirement (11.2.2) and enable your company to pass the PCI certification.

Security Awareness

Free SecAw Training

How many times do we hear that the user is the weakest link in the chain? Empowering employees to understand and avoid common security threats can greatly reduce their organization's risk when facing different attacks, from social engineering to password protection, email security and more. This service, open to the whole community, allows all the members of your company to access training in awareness in cybersecurity totally free.


* Keep all your employees trained in security with our online awareness course. At the end of each course, an exam will be available to measure the level of understanding of the topics covered.

* Know the level of maturity of the users of your company in relation to the subject.

* Include training for new employees in your corporate awareness program.

Cloud Web Application Firewall

Prophaze AI Based WAF

Real time Cloud Security for your Web Application and Mobile API

Prophaze's Web Application Firewall, Eagle Eye, is one of the best WAF solutions of 2019 which scans all the incoming requests and classifies the real and legitimate users using its AI Powered Platform.

Prophaze Cloud Web Application Firewall can Protect your Web App with:

* OWASP top 10 Protection
* DDoS Protection
* Application Learning (Adaptive Profiling)
* Data leak prevention
* XSS and CSRF Protection
* IP Reputation and Geo-IP Monitoring
* Secure Session Management
* AI-powered platform learns to deconstruct application logic and create application specific rules
* EagleEye can act as an additional layer of protection to your existing architecture.
* Web and Mobile API Protection
* Bot Mitigation

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Assess the compliance of your systems with current standards

External Penetration Test.

Do you need to comply audit requirements and test your systems when facing hackers? Our team can check the security of your assets exposed to internet.

Web Application Penetration Test.

Test your web application against an exhaustive penetration test that covers OWASP Top Ten and SANS CWE 25.

Mobile Penetration Test.

Are your iOS/Android apps secure? Our team can help you to answer this question using modern techniques.

Cloud Security.

Improve and protect your organization's identities, endpoints, and information in the cloud.

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